Concord Music pubishes a classic Joe Pass and Paulinho Da Costa, devised by American guitarist following a tour in Brazil where he became fascinated by the music of the great composers of the post. The term “Tudo bem!”is an informal and cheerful greeting that introduces us to the intentions of the group.   Joe Pass’s guitar often becomes narrator and protagonist of the stories, atmosphere and scenery, with its dull timbre and phrasing rapid, sustained by the acoustic riff played by Oscar Castro Neves, South American percussion Paulinho Da Costa and the lively rhythms of samba and bossa elegantly maintained by Octavio Belly on bass and Claudio Slon on drums, along with the stamp of the lens and jazz piano by Don Grusin, project us with immediacy in the up and the carnival in Rio as “Corcovado” and torrential “Barquinho, while moments of sweetness and melancholy we give them “Tears (Raza de Viver) “and “If You Went Away. ” “Que Que Há” Jazz has a print attractive, colorful maracas from Da Costa. Don Grusin’s keyboards give it a dreamy and sad mood in “The Gentle Rain (Chuva Delicado).  

Laura Mancini

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