Moozart is an independent magazine about culture, art, and entertainment in the world. From the home page, you can select the language you prefer, to access the different sections of the website, which present the cultural events of various international towns, in their respective languages.

On the page dedicated to culture in Italy, you can find reports of events such as concerts, dramas, dance performances, art exhibitions, movie premieres, book presentations.

Besides, for years we’ve had access to previews and we frequently publish reviews and interviews that allow readers to enjoy a personal and critical point of view regarding the artistic product or the event and to know many, interesting details exclusively.

In each category, we have created many sections for fans of Music, Theater, Dance, Art, Cinema, Books. Some examples are the essays on the various musical periods, the interviews to street artists, and the history of musical instrument

Laura Mancini

Laura Mancini is the creator and editorial director of Moozart. Registered Member of the Italian Journalist Association since 2006, author of poems, essays and short stories, blogger, copy, press officer. She has been working in the field of theater and music for 20 years, living the experience of the stage firsthand and promoting artists and cultural events.

She studied music journalism at Vanni Editore (Jazz It magazine), she was editor in chief of Teatro.it, she collaborated with the Off Art page of the daily national newspaper Il Giornale and with magazines like Jazzitalia, Sound Contest, and Jazz Colors.

She writes many of the contents published on Moozart, in particular for the Music and Theater sections.

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was Occhio Critico magazine (Critical Eye, www.occhiocritico.it). A webzine of reviews and reports of cultural events created by Laura Mancini in 2008. It wasn’t yet easy and intuitive to open and manage a website and behind the construction of this magazine, there was the work of expert webmaster and a lot of commitment from the editorial staff. Precisely for practical and economic reasons, after one year of birth, all the contents of Occhio Critico have been transferred to a free blog, easier to manage.

Thus was born, on Blogspot, Show of The Capital, a multilingual portal that widened the gaze to artistic and cultural events in the major capitals of the world. Show of The Capital has lived 9 years, gained the esteem of professionals, and reached dimensions that once again required a top-level domain.

With naming and restyling work as well as the skills of a webmaster who managed to redirect the old blog links to the contents transported to the new site, Moozart was born.

In Moozart.it the division between events in Italy and abroad is even more evident and easier to use and the limitation to the “capitals” disappears, while in the Italian page, the gaze opens to the art of various Italian towns. Moozart has been officially online since February 2020 and includes reviews, articles, news, essays and interviews collected over 12 years of work at its inauguration.